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Medicare Plans in Palm Beach County

As the age of retirement approaches, one thing every senior citizen thinks of is to get a health insurance plan in place. This is to provide for when other health insurance plans such as the ones offered in workplaces no longer cover them. Medicare is the federal government’s health insurance scheme that caters to people aged 65 and above, specifically younger people with disabilities and people with ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease). Medicare has developed a lot from when it was first introduced, adding more plans and alternatives over the years. Here are some Medicare plans that you should know about and how they apply in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A is the most basic type of Medicare and they automatically enrolled you in once you enroll in once eligible for Medicare. It is known as Hospital Insurance.

What it covers

Medicare Part A covers hospital visits, check-ups, hospice care, nursing home services, in-patient hospital stays, and similar basic healthcare treatments.

When and How to get it

You are automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A once you turn 65 years old. The automatic qualification and enrollment would be confirmed by mail to you three months before you turn 65. You have the three months initial enrollment period around your birthday to verify your Medicare plans. If you do not register during this specialized period, you also have the opportunity to enroll during the Open Enrollment Period which usually runs from October 15th to December 7th of each year. During the open enrollment period, you can join, drop or switch plans. Your new plan will become effective the January of the upcoming year. If you cannot enroll during the stipulated time, you may have to pay a lifelong penalty.

The “how” of Medicare Part A is not difficult at all. Most likely, you will get a welcome package from Medicare three months before your 65th birthday. If you do not get this message, you may have to enroll yourself. Once you enroll in Medicare successfully, you are automatically covered by Medicare Part A, which will take care of your basic healthcare needs.


The price of a Medicare Part A plan depends on whether you are on the premium-free Part A or not. People who have paid Medicare taxes for some time while they were working mostly enjoyed premium-free Part A. A person can also enjoy premium-free Part A based on their spouse’s Medicare tax. If you are not qualified for premium-free Part A, then you have to pay monthly premiums which usually cost $259 to $471 for residents of Palm Beach County.

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B is enjoyed alongside Part A. Also, know as Medical Insurance and follows similar requirements and guidelines as Part A. Although, Medicare Part B is usually enrolled with Part A, there are instances when people delay their enrollment for Part B. This delay in enrollment may cost you some money as penalties if you exceed certain deadlines. Anyone eligible to get Medicare Part A is also qualified for Part B, except people living in Puerto Rico.

What it covers

Medicare Part B covers some other basic healthcare needs not covered by Part A. These include outpatient hospital visits, specialist doctors’ care, preventive services, and medical 


When and How to get it

You can get Medicare Part B as you get Part A. This can be during your initial enrollment period or the open enrollment period. Medicare enrolls some people in both Part A and Part B automatically while for some, it is only for Part A that they get automatic enrollment. If you are part of the latter group or you have not enrolled automatically at all, you need to get the Plan yourself to prevent paying a late enrollment fee, which is a life-long penalty.

How to get Medicare Part B is by enrolling in the Plan with the Social Security office. The agents there will guide you through the process after which you get your Medicare card. You have to take this card with you every time you go to the hospital and it is through this card that you can use your Medicare.


The price of Medicare Part B is dependent on your financial status. If they deemed you wealthy enough using the modified adjusted gross income, you have to pay an extra fee known as the Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount along with your premium. Also for Part B, you pay 20% of your healthcare bills and a fixed deductible. The deductible for 2021 in Palm Beach County is $203 but the standard cost of Part B monthly premium is $148.50.

Medicare Advantage in Palm Beach County

Medicare Advantage is also known as Medicare Part C or MA Plans. It is a substitute for Original Medicare and is offered by private insurance companies with Medicare’s approval. Medicare Advantage is not established to supplement Original Medicare but to provide a total package for individuals who are either unable to enroll in Original Medicare or just prefer Medicare Advantage. Apart from covering everything Original Medicare covers, MA Plans also offer more benefits to people and can be occasionally cheaper than Original Medicare.

What it covers

MA Plans cover everything covered under Original Medicare such as hospital visits, routine check-ups, and more benefits such as drug prescription (Part D), emergency out-of-state treatments, and so on. With a Medicare Advantage Plan, you already have a comprehensive plan and you do not need to buy any other supplementary health plans.

When and How to get it

The enrollment period for Medicare Advantage is the same as that of Original Medicare. This is the three-month period around your 65th birthday. You can also enroll or switch to or from MA Plans during the open enrollment period which runs between November 15 and December 31 of each year. If you have to enroll or change your plans outside of those periods, you may have to pay a penalty.

As for how to get Medicare Advantage in Palm Beach County, the easiest way is to go to the official Medicare website and input your zip code. This will bring you a list of the closest Medicare Advantage Plans closest to you. You can then do some research by checking out the website of each Plan and see which is best for you. After deciding on the policy to buy and the insurance company of your choice, you will fill the enrollment form online and follow the process from there. Your insurance company will connect you to an agent who will take you through the whole process.


The cost of Medicare Advantage Plans depends on the coverage of your plan. If your plan requires you to pay a monthly premium or if it charges you for annual deductibles and copayments every time, you visit a doctor. The average cost of Medicare Advantage in Palm Beach County ranges between $0 and up to $200. Always consider your considering monthly premiums and Maximum Out-Of-Pocket (MOOP) costs before choosing a plan.

MA Companies in Palm Beach County 

Aetna-   4 plans are offered for 2020 

Allwell- 1 Plan offered for 2020 

Bright Health-  2 Plans offered for 2020 

Careplus- 2 Plans offered for 2020.

Devoted Health- 3 Plans offered for 2020 

Florida Blue – 3 Plans offered for 2020 

Florida Blue Hmo – 3 plans offered for 2020 

Freedom Saving – 2 plans offered for 2020 

Healthsun Health Plans –  2 plans offered for 2020 

Humana- 9 Plans offered for 2020 

Lasso-  2 plans offered for 2020 

MMM of Florida-  2 Plans offered for 2020 

Prominence Health Plan-  1 Plan offered in 2020 

Simply Health Care- 3 Plans offered in 2020 

Solis Health Plans – 1 Plan offered in 2020 

UnitedHealthcare – 4 plans offered in 2020 

Wellcare – 4 Plans offered in 2020 

There are 45 Medicare Advantage Plans being offered in 2020 for Palm Beach County. Information is based on

There are 4 Plans that are 5-star plans. 

Medicare Supplement in Palm Beach County

Medicare Supplement as the name suggests is a health insurance plan that supplements Original Medicare. also known as Medicare Supplement as Medigap as it fills the gap in payment left by Original Medicare. 

Medicare Supplement is provided by private insurance companies and works in tandem with Medicare Part A and Part B.

What it covers

Medicare Supplement, also called Medicare Part C covers costs not covered by the Original Medicare plans. These include copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, premiums, out-of-state emergency treatments, and so on. Essentially, what Medicare Supplement does is help you pay out-of-pocket costs of using Original Medicare and provide some more benefits on the side.

When and How to get it

To get your Medicare Supplement Plans in place, you must buy your plan during the open enrollment period. It usually lasts for six months after you turn 65 and already have Medicare Part B.

As for how to get Medicare Supplement, you need to get in contact with an insurance company of your choice or a third-party agent that can guide you through the process. After settling on a company and deciding on a plan, the next step is to fill the required forms and follow the guidelines of the company or your agent to complete the process. Once this is done, you get your Medicare Supplement card and enjoy the protection of your insurance Plan as you use the healthcare system.


The cost of your Medicare Supplement depends on the plan you enroll in. Most plans have a $0 monthly premium and plan with a monthly premium charge according to the coverage of your policy. Some plans also require that you pay annual deductibles and the level of deductibles differs. Once you pay up to the limits of these plans’ annual deductibles, your insurance company takes over and pays for your health care for the rest of the year.

PDP in Palm Beach County

PDP is the shortened and often-used form of the Prescription Drug Plan. This plan, also known as Medicare Part D or the Drug Plan helps to pay for prescription drugs and works alongside Original Medicare. The plan is specifically to lower the cost of your drugs and preventing you from paying high every time you have prescribed a drug.

What it covers

This plan covers prescription drugs for people enrolled in Medicare Plans that offer drug coverage. There are different plans under the PDP covering different categories of drugs.

When and How to get it

The PDP has three enrollment periods. The first is your initial enrollment period during which you can get PDP plans as you enroll in Original Medicare or MA Plans. You can also enroll during the open enrollment period during which people change their plans and pick up new ones. The final opportunity to enroll for the PDP is during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period which usually runs between January 1 and March 31 every year.

On how to get enrolled in PDP, all you need to do is go to the official website of Medicare and use the Medicare Plan Finder to locate the companies closest to you. After this, you will fill out a paper form which will be used to enroll you. You will need your Medicare number and the date your Part A and Part B plans started.


The price of PDP depends on the drugs covered by the plan you are enrolled in. The government has also made new amendments in 2021 that save you from paying higher out-of-pocket bills and covers drugs such as Insulin.

In the county, the price varies between $7.30 up to $172 respectfully. 

PDP In Palm Beach County 

In Palm Beach County there are 28 stand-alone drug plans being offered for 2020. 

Deciding what you need!

The most important stage of getting Medicare services is deciding which plan suits you best. You may decide to get Original Medicare Part A and Part B and supplement it with a Medigap policy. You may also go for the more encompassing and stress-free Medicare Advantage and get all your medical insurance need in one policy. What matters is to be careful when deciding so that you would not have to pay penalties or change plans along the way. To avoid all these problems and any other that may pop up, you may contact an insurance agent to guide you through the processes.

Working with Itus Direct. 

Shopping for Medicare Plans, knowing what to look for, and getting the right plan for you can be a hard task. We have been in the business for years and helped 10s of thousands of individuals, spouses, and friends over the years. We make sure we are up to date with all the new laws, rules, and plans to provide you the most accurate. We are licensed in every state and have access to Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and PDP’s Plans.


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